The  Wrap Platform


A Wrap Platform is a 'one stop shop' particularly suitable for you if you have investment holdings with several different investment houses.  It permits a single entry point access to all your holdings.

Most platforms hold PEPs, ISAs, and Unit Trusts (OEICs), ETFs, VCTs, EISs, they can also hold Life Assurance policies, Pension Funds, Investment Bonds, Shares, Property and cash. They can also cater for all the tax regimes that are associated with these products.   In fact all types of investment can be held on the wrap platform with all the benefits of a single account consolidation.

On some wrap platforms you can trade UK shares as well as stocks on eight foreign stockmarkets online, again benefitting from a consolidated statement on line. 

 One of the major benefits of the wrap platform is the facility to undertake portfolio 'healthchecks' to ensure the overall asset spread has not drifted outside of your risk profile. 

The Wrap Platform offers:

  • Wide seletion of investment holdings
  • Valuations on line 24 hours per day
  • Comprehensive Portfolio reports twice per year from one source
  • Consolidated dividend and tax reports once a year from one source

Most wrap platforms apply a flat and transparent annual administration charge based on the total value of the holdings on the platform. This charge reduces as the portfolio value increases.

If holding all your investments on a wrap platform appeals to you , take The First Step, 

In order to accommodate new clients who already have their holdings on a wrap platform we can now offer access to all the major platforms, here.