Managing Your Investments

 At the core of every successful Financial Plan is the accumulation mouse.jpg

and management of assets.  After agreeing your requirements we

work with you to create a suitable investment strategy.

We focus on your current and future cashflow requirements and

establish what level of return you need from your assets to achieve

and maintain your desired lifestyle.

Our investment portfolio options are then tailored to suit your requirements, your risk profile, and your capacity for loss.

Subject to your risk profile, we generally recommend you take advantage of any tax breaks or 'free monies' that are available to you whether it be through Pension funds, Individual Savings Accounts, Trust funds, Venture Capital Trusts, Enterprise Investment Schemes or other state sponsored schemes.

Our service includes a Performance Analysis of your existing investments, with recommendations for changes were appropriate.

For details of our fee scale for Regulated Investment Services see here.

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Investment Portfolio options


How should you hold your investments?

You may have a diverse collection of assets such as cash, shares, collectives, VCTs, Personal Equity Plans, Individual Savings Accounts, Enterprise Investment Schemes, Property, Trusts etc.  The more diverse your portfolio and the greater the number of holdings within it the greater the headaches in keeping track of performances, documents, tax certificates etc.

Advances in technology allow us to offer you a selection of solutions that enable you to keep your diverse holdings  but access them through one source.

If appropriate, we will encourage you to hold your investments on a Wrap Platform. You do not sacrifice any of the advantages of a widely spread portfolio and in many cases this service may be less expensive than dealing with several different management companies. 

The advantages of this approach are numerous. Please click on the titles above for a full description.

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